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Redefining Health Podcast

Jan 16, 2024

Sometimes I see this message that food freedom means eating whatever, whenever, however much you want without thinking about how your body feels.

Maybe you've had this thought too. And maybe it's kept you from wanting food freedom.

I get it... I don't want to eat donuts every day all day, either. I want to eat and feel healthy & have a balance. 

But here's the thing, food freedom ISN'T just eating whatever, whenever, and however much you want. It's NOT about eating donuts every day.

It's about feeling empowered in your food choices. It's about feeling free to enjoy the donut without feeling guilty. But it's also about the freedom to maybe sometimes NOT eat the donut.

In this week's episode I want to talk a little bit about what food freedom really means and what it looks like. 


Episodes mentioned in this episode: The Diet Cycle


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