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Redefining Health Podcast

Oct 24, 2023

"We can hold that desire for wanting to lose weight in one hand and we can also hold this desire for freedom from dieting." - Victoria

In this episode, Victoria discusses the taboo topic of weight and how it affects our relationship with food. She acknowledges that wanting to lose weight is influenced by societal messaging, but it doesn't mean you can't practice intuitive eating. Victoria believes that it's possible to hold both the desire to lose weight and the desire for freedom from dieting. She encourages individuals to take action towards healing their relationship with food while acknowledging their weight loss goals.


This podcast is for women who crave a new approach to health and want to get out of the rollercoaster of dieting. If you feel like the only way for you to be healthy is by dieting, you’ve come to the right place! I’m here to show you that health is about so much more than what you eat and how much you hit the gym. Real health addresses the whole person, so that’s what we talk about here!


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