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Redefining Health Podcast

Nov 3, 2020

Tonya Beauchaine and Tracy Vasquez are the hosts of the We’re Not Weighting podcast, a podcast about living free from dieting and the scale. Outside of the podcast, Tonya is a Certified Intuitive Eating Coach, Health at Every Size Advocate, and nutrition counselor, and Tracy is a body image coach, both helping women live free from dieting and the scale.

In this episode, Tonya and Tracy talk about how to embrace and respect your body, intuitive eating, questioning your beliefs and how to stop conditioning on your clothing.

They also talk about rejecting diet culture, deconstruction and reconstruction of faith, feeling ashamed in Church with body size and how to forgive ourselves and others. 

Finally, they teach us about having grace with people, knowing that there is freedom and hope and that we have to balance wellness in life.

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