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Redefining Health Podcast

Nov 7, 2023

"You can live and die in a prison in your mind if you don't ask for help." - Jennifer S.

In this episode, Jennifer, a life coach and Victoria’s client, joins the show. Jennifer shares her experience working with Victoria as her coach. After recovering from a severe eating disorder, Jennifer still felt a void and sought help to address the residual baggage. Through their coaching sessions, Jennifer was able to overcome her restrictive mindset, release shame and guilt around food, and develop a more neutral and intuitive relationship with eating. She learned to trust herself and now feels free from the prison of her past thoughts and behaviors. Jennifer encourages others to seek help and not wait to address their own struggles.


This podcast is for women who crave a new approach to health and want to get out of the rollercoaster of dieting. If you feel like the only way for you to be healthy is by dieting, you’ve come to the right place! I’m here to show you that health is about so much more than what you eat and how much you hit the gym. Real health addresses the whole person, so that’s what we talk about here!


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