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Redefining Health Podcast

Oct 11, 2022

Today you get to listen to my client Sarah’s story of how she went from feeling so overwhelmed with dieting, tired of it taking up so much of her life and mental space, and dipping her toes into intuitive eating but not fully seeing a change to feeling totally confident with eating, enjoying exercise, and most importantly, learning more about herself and who she is and wants to be in the world. I hope you enjoy this fun conversation! Sarah is so wise, so kind, you’re going to love her as much as I do.


This podcast is for women who crave a new approach to health and want to get out of the rollercoaster of dieting. If you feel like the only way for you to be healthy is by dieting, you’ve come to the right place! I’m here to show you that health is about so much more than what you eat and how much you hit the gym. Real health addresses the whole person, so that’s what we talk about here! 


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