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Redefining Health Podcast

Aug 31, 2021

Today on the show I’m talking with Katie Hake, a Registered Dietitian and fitness professional on a mission to help women stop dieting and start living. In this episode we talk about making peace with exercise, how to have fitness goals without becoming obsessive, and more! I can’t wait for you to hear my conversation with Katie.


This podcast is for the high-achieving woman, that’s you!, wanting to find balance and calm around food and in other areas of her life. Don’t worry, balance here isn’t about juggling a million balls in the air all at once… and doing it perfectly. It’s about slowing down enough to listen to your own body, trusting your voice, and finding what healthy means for you. If you’re ready for this new kind of balance, one where you feel calm around food and confident in yourself, then you’re in the right place! Subscribe for encouragement in how to feel your best self every week! 


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